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How to Fast Charge with Your New iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max

How to Fast Charge with Your New iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max

Despite supporting fast charging, the iPhone XS and XS Max only ship with a 5W charger that won't allow you to charge as fast as the phone is capable of. Here are the best accessories that will allow you to safely fast charge with your new device.



The new iPhone XS and XS Max support Wireless charging at 10W, instead of only 7.5W on the iPhone X. Wireless charging will always be slightly less efficient than wired charging, but it is still possible to fast charge.

Here are three solid options for wireless fast charging:

The Anker 10W Wireless Charger is significantly cheaper, however it requires a 18W USB Wall Charger ($12.99 at time of publishing) in order to utilize its fast charging capabilities; otherwise it will charge at 5W. Total price when bought together is $22.98.


Wired (The Fastest, Fast Charging Option)

For a wired fast charge, you’ll need both a wall charger and a cable that supports fast charging.


Wall Chargers

Find a USB C wall charger that supports Power Delivery has an output between 18W and 30W to fast charge. Tests have shown that these iPhone models don’t charge any faster when using a wall charger above 18W. So it is not necessary to shell out more or go out of your way to find a charger that supports a higher wattage.

Here are two great options for fast charging



True wired fast charging can only happen with a cable that supports what is called Power Delivery. Additional pins in the USB C type cables are used so that the device may negotiate the power level with the charger. Power Delivery will only work over USB C type cables, so it is important to find a compliant USB C to Lightning cable to protect your device.

Currently there are only two cables on the market that we can recommend for this. Beware of other cables claiming to support Power Delivery without posted certifications.


The 100% Apple Certified Fast Charging Option

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